Planet Waves Release New Set of Beatles-Themed Straps

(ShackMan | Posted 2011-01-12)

Planet Waves Release New Set of Beatles-Themed Straps

Somebody once told me that you could run a small country off of the profits made by Beatles album sales, memorabilia, and trademarks alone. I don't know if you could run the whole country, but I bet you could use it for a sizable chunk of the budget, and now Planet Waves is adding another series of Beatles tribute-wear in their second and newest line of Beatles guitar straps. After the success of the first set of faux-leather straps sold so well, they decided to make a second line of vegan-friendly woven straps that sport classic Beatles artwork in 4-color designs to celebrate the music and artistry of arguably the most popular band to ever exist.

The new set of straps features six designs, all available February 1st, 2011, and all seen above left:

  • The Beatles Classic – A white, woven strap featuring the classic logo from their Meet the Beatles album.
  • Beatlemania – A black, woven strap featuring various Bealtes logos, all depicting the band's moniker.
  • Yellow Submarine – A yellow, woven strap featuring a psychedelic collage of the celebrated Yellow Submarine film.
  • Sea of Holes - A white, woven strap with the cartoon versions of John, Paul, George, and Ringo from the Yellow Submarine album.
  • White Album - The classic A Hard Day's Night headshots of John, Paul, George, and Ringo are shown on this black, woven strap.
  • Revolution - A black, woven strap with red font depicting the word Revolution.

According to Planet Waves Product Manager Brian Vance, “These new woven straps are a commemorative salute to the true forefathers of rock and roll. The Beatles are simply legendary and one of the main reasons why popular music has become what it is today.”

The Planet Waves Beatles Woven Guitar Straps will carry an MSRP of $39.99 each. For further information on Planet Waves products, please visit

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