Planet Waves Introduces the Revolutionary D-Slyde Glass Slide

(ShackMan | Posted 2011-01-12)

Planet Waves Introduces the Revolutionary D-Slyde Glass Slide

It was with yet another moment of “Where has this been all my music career?” that I received the press release for Planet Waves' D-Slyde. I applaud them already for making an item that is so simple and so helpful that I wonder why nobody seems to have done this before, if at all. The D-Slyde is, as its name implies, D-shaped, with the flat surface sporting an adhesive allowing it to stick anywhere out of the way for easy use and removal of the slide.

The slide is still premium glass, handmade to achieve the custom shape and then cut and fire-polished to a flawless finish. The D-Slyde is, at the very least, very convenient to have around. “The D-Slyde from Planet Waves makes it possible for the average player to switch from standard to slide playing without effort,” said Planet Waves Product Specialist Rob Cunningham.

So you could throw it behind your headstock for quick switching...

Or you could throw it on your stack when you aren't using it for a while...

Rob continues, “When it comes to standardized musical accessory products, you have to think outside the box.” I'm glad someone finally did, and I'm happy to put a Music Gear Review seal of approval on this item. At an MSRP of $14.99 (that's about $11 street), I'll be looking for them when they hit the shelves February 1st, 2011. Great job, Planet Waves, for making what probably should have been made for a long time. It's a great help to us musicians everywhere. “Plus, you'll never lose it!” Rob adds.

Well, let's hope so.

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