Introducing Drums on Demand: downloadable drum tracks for everyone

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-12)

Introducing Drums on Demand: downloadable drum tracks for everyone

Whatever, wherever, and whenever should be what “www” stands for. Whatever you want, wherever you are, whenever time, you can certainly find on the net. Why should great sounding drum tracks be any different. was recently launched and is doing just that, adding more content to the World Wide Web by offering drum tracks of all genre types and time signatures, to all producers, musicians, and songwriters in need of them. is starting with a catalogue of over 120 song-length drum performances that surely will grow as time stretches on. Each of the tracks include the various different sections that the performance is comprised of (intro , verse, chorus, and bridge), so it can easily be put to work and rearranged in whatever way suits the user’s needs. The tracks are offered in two different file forms: Stereo Track that includes 24-bit WAV files and MIDI file with section markers, and Multitrack that comes with each individual drum, percussion, and all microphone tracks, comprised of 9 to 12 channels. Stereo drum tracks are being sold for $9.95 (or $19.90 if you buy three at the time). Multitrack formats are sold for $14.95 and are also offered with a three for two discounted deal. Preview tracks are available on the site and can be easily searched through a filter/keyword system. Genres available include rock, pop, country, jazz, funk, ballad, latin, and metal. Tracks can also be searched by BPM value and time signature. also offers drum loops (which can also be purchased in multitrack format), bass and backing tracks.

The team includes Todd Sorensen who is in charge of composing and performing drums and percussion on the recordings; Guy Randle who engineers and produces the recordings, and Quint Randle who writes about music industry and conceptualized the company.

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