Evans releases 2 new marching heads at NAMM 2011

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-13)

Evans releases 2 new marching heads at NAMM 2011

Sorry drum set players, this time Evans won’t be bringing anything new for you at the NAMM 2011, you will have to remain content with their current available catalogue. But as for you marching drummers out there, there are two new surprises in store for you at the Evans booth at NAMM this winter. Evans announced the release of the new Hybrid-S Marching Snare Batter head and Blue Marching Tenor Heads with revolutionary Sound Shaping Technology.

Following the extreme success and award-winning design of the Hybrid batter series, Evans’s Hybrid-S Marching Snare Head features the eloquent technology of blending two unique fibers that together deliver a soft and sensitive feel with a warm, full, and tonally rich sound with the superior snare response that is desired (and required) by the world’s top marching ensembles. This new technology does not sacrifice the head’s durability. Its softer feel is perfect for new drummers and even makes a small ensemble sound much bigger because of its expressive sound response. Another advantage of the Hybrid-S is that it will be offered at a much lower price when compared with the original hybrid. The new Blue Marching Tenor Heads were designed with the collaboration of the Blue devils percussion staff. The System Blue tenor head is a 2-ply design with 7mil top-ply and 7.5mil bottom that deliver tonal clarity and projection while also increasing durability and pitch stability, reducing the need for frequent tuning. Evans’s created technology (Sound Shaping Technology) that targets unwanted overtones and provides the control needed to enhance attack, projection, and note definition. This damping pattern on each head also provides a visual reference for the optimal ‘playing zone’ for each drum, offering a target for less experienced lines.

“Pairing up with the Blue Devils and countless other top marching corps has allowed us unrestricted resources when designing new marching heads,” states Evans Educations Manager, Jim Bailey. “The Hybrid-S Snare Batter Heads and System Blue Tenor heads have been corps tested and player approved, and we’re thrilled about what these new heads are going to do for drum corps and marching bands worldwide.”

Evans’ Hybrid-S Marching Snare Batter heads will retail for $90.00 – $95.00 and are available now, and Evans’ System Blue Tenor Heads will retail for $26.00 – $34.00 and are also available now.

For more information on Evans Drumheads, please visit www.evansdrumheads.com.

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