Numark announces iM1 and iM9 iPhone/iPod-controlled mixers

(ShackMan | Posted 2011-01-15)

Numark announces iM1 and iM9 iPhone/iPod-controlled mixers

With all the new gadgets coming out that can be controlled via iPhone, iPod Touch, and various other Apple accessories, we can now add DJ mixers to the list. With a minimal amount of setup time, you can spend more time performing and less time untangling cables and bothering with everything that makes the job that much less fun. Just pull out your mixer, plug in your iSomething, add power, add speakers and you're ready to go. Numark's iM line features two starting members: the iM1 and the iM9. The former is designed for people seeking portability.

With the iM1, the built-in iPod dock takes care of the works and, essentially, you're ready to go, but there are still features that would leave a DJ wanting if they were remiss. The two-channel tabletop mixer features a smooth, replaceable crossfader for mastering gain and output, trim and line faders, two-band rotary EQ and gain on each channel and a mini-crossfader tied to the headphone output for cuing up tracks. As with any DJ mixer, you can plug in a CD player, turntables, a microphone, or any line-level music source, but Numark didn't stop there. There was an extra step or two taken, and the iM1 also features the ability to record your performance directly to your iPod as you mastered it live. So go ahead and show off later, or listen to and critique your own performance from the safety of your iPod. Outputs include the standard RCA as well as 1/4" headphone output.

The iM9, however, is for those who don't really need anything to be portable as much as the features that come with it. So go ahead and mix vinyl, CDs, iPod, microphone and any other line level source with this four-channel DJ mixer. Use the dedicated three-band EQ for shaping the sound of your mix. Toy with the effects and create on-the-fly remixes and hip song transitions with the beat sync feature. Add a vocalist, be the vocalist yourself, or pump up the crowd with the dedicated microphone channel's XLR input, independent gain control and EQ. BeatKeeper technology also auto-detects a song's tempo (in BPM) and helps you keep the show going at just the right pace.

Just like with the iM1, you can record your performances as they happen, straight to your iPod. You'll just have a lot more to mix, with the dedicated XLR input, two phono line inputs for turntables, as well as your iPod. Also, your output options increase drastically: Master, Booth and Record RCA line outputs; balanced XLR outputs; and 5 RCA line outputs. It's like the iM9, but bigger. Oh...that's exactly what it is.

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