Rock Prodigy iPhone app helps you learn guitar on the go

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-01-16)

Rock Prodigy iPhone app helps you learn guitar on the go

New from developer The Way of H, Rock Prodigy is a revolutionary new app to help you learn real guitar skills on your instrument. Rock Prodigy’s patent-pending polyphonic pitch-recognition technology hears the notes and chords you play and provides instant feedback to accelerate learning.

Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to learn songs by guitarists, like James Hetfield of Metallica, Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead, Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy, Johnny Cash, and many more. Rock Prodigy provides an entirely new way to experience guitar. Unlike anything else out there, with Rock Prodigy, you play along with the original master recordings, lick for lick. This is not traditional tablature. Rock Prodigy’s performance cues show precise rhythm, timing, and note durations with real-time interaction and performance evaluation. Use any guitar

Use your own guitar – acoustic, electric, vintage or even lefty – as long as you are in tune, you’re ready to experience Rock Prodigy. Use the microphone-in or connect with a standard instument adapter. 4 skill levels: Easy, Medium, Hard, Prodigy

From beginners picking up a guitar for the first time to advanced guitarists looking to master the trickiest riffs note-for-note, you’ll learn songs fast… Faster than with traditional tablature, recordings, or sheet music alone. Rock Prodigy lets you play each song at four skill levels:

* Easy – play one right note at a time to get a feel for the song.
* Medium – fill in the song with more emphasis on the main riffs.
* Hard – sharpen your skills by playing at least half of the notes.
* Prodigy – master the song: play above and beyond the note-for-note transcription, learning practical approaches that incorporate more than one guitar part.

Practice or Perform
Use two modes of play to guide you:

* Perform – Your play is scored and you can share your stats on the Rock Prodigy leaderboard alongside other top players (leaderboard coming soon!).
* Practice (included in the purchased Premium Feature Pack) – Accelerate your learning with features like fast-forward, rewind, touch-scroll, auto-pause, auto-play, chord names, and note names.

Master recordings from guitar greats
Timeless music from some of the world’s greatest guitar players helps you quickly learn songs from a wide range of eras, genres, and styles. Browse the Rock Prodigy store and buy songs from artists like Deep Purple, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Smashing Pumpkins, Keith Urban, Megadeth and more. Create your free Rock Prodigy account in the app and visit our web site to stay up to date on the latest songs in the catalog. Check often; songs and lessons are added all the time.

Fusing mobile technology with a real guitar, Rock Prodigy is available for free in the iTunes App Store, with premium feature packs starting at $9.99. More information at

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