AHEAD Drumsticks invites drummers to try theirenviro-friendly drumsticks

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-16)

AHEAD Drumsticks invites drummers to try theirenviro-friendly drumsticks

The Green revolution arrives to be placed in all drummers’ hands through innovative drumstick maker AHEAD. Pushing this revolution, AHEAD is inviting drummers across the country to try one of their revolution pairs during the upcoming months of February, March and April. In exchange, drummers will be eligible to enter a weekly online contest for free AHEAD sticks, drum pads, stick bags, shirts and hats. And as if this is not enough, AHEAD will also be giving away, free of charge, a pack of their Grip Tape for those who purchase a pair of their unique drumsticks.

By incorporating state-of-the-art design with strong yet lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum, AHEAD sticks are able to achieve a 50% reduction in vibration plus a weight and balance variance of less than 1% compared to conventional sticks. These breakthroughs make AHEAD sticks strong, consistent and ultra comfortable—producing less stress, less fatigue and a more natural response that protects hands and wrists from damage and drums and cymbals from breakage. In addition, the replaceable, polyurethane (plastic) outer sleeves as well as the aluminum handles and core are 100% recyclable. AHEAD sticks not only outperform any standard stick, one pair of the aluminum sticks also outlasts 6 to 10 pair of even the best wooden sticks.

If this is the first time you’ve ever heard of AHEAD drumsticks, you might be surprised that this company endorses three of the biggest names in the mainstream drum world. Lars Ulrich, Phil Rudd and Tommy Lee represent this brand with their own signature pair. AHEAD drumsticks are available in a wide range of drum set, marching and concert models plus a full selection of interchangeable nylon tip and mallet sizes, shapes and hardnesses.

You can partake of the upcoming AHEAD Drumstick Challenge at any participating drum shop or music dealer. For more information please visit www.bigbangdistibution.com.From a press release.

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