Cymbag releases drum set Pre-Pack

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-16)

Cymbag releases drum set Pre-Pack

Cymbag is introducing a Pre-Pack set of their cymbal protector bags. Carrying a $90.00 value with a $69.99 suggested retail price, the Cymbag Drum set Pre-Pack includes one 20”, one 16” and two 14” cymbags encased in a reusable, recyclable cloth carrying pack. This drum set pre-pack features the most popular sizes of cymbags and is recommended for basic cymbal set-ups as well as an add-on for standard cymbal packs and cymbal bags without dividers.

Using advanced microfiber material, Cymbags were designed to help keep cymbals clean protecting them from fingerprints (their number one enemy) and dirt during set-up, pack-up, store and travel. The sleeve slips on and off the cymbal quickly while it’s still on the stand and fits perfectly into any hard or soft case. In addition, Cymbals can be used for drumset, concert, marching and world percussion—every cymbal size and shape, every drumming style and situation. Cymbags are available in sizes from 6” to 26”. Some of the biggest names in the drumming world use and are endorsed by Cymbag, Artists like Brendan Buckley, Gorden Campbell, Leon Ndugu Chancler, Luis Conté, Peter Erskine, Gavin Harrison, Ray Luzier, Nicko McBrain, Marvin McQuitty, Billy Ward, Derrico Watson, Nacho Lozano, Alejandro Figueroa, Omar Gongorra, Luis Mario Garza, Enrique Bugs Gzz, and a growing list of the world’s top professional drummers and percussionists are seeing the beneficial factor of using cymbags.

You can check a quick video of Cymbags in use on the following link

Cymbags entire catalog of cymbal protectors can be viewed here:

The full range of Cymbag products are available at leading drum shops and distributors throughout the world, including one of the biggest U.S. drum products distributors Big Bang Distribution ( and Universal Percussion ( For additional information please visit Cymbag’s recently redesigned website,

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