CymPad introduces special Ride Cymbal Optimizer

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-16)

CymPad introduces special Ride Cymbal Optimizer

For those who havenít yet heard about Cympad, this ingenious invention developed by Reto Hirschi was launched in 2005 and was designed to optimize the sound and performance of virtually all cymbal sizes, types and brands. With the intent to control cymbal sound levels which are usually the loudest on a stage or studio when compared to other instruments (even the rest of the drum kit), Reto had the idea to replace the traditional lower cymbal felt with a larger diameter ring, reducing both volume and unwanted overtones while moderating sustain and increasing articulation. For Reto, the Cympad also became a perfect solution for drummers who often need to wear earplugs or find themselves banished behind Plexiglass walls. While earplugs modify the sound frequencies, Plaxiglass walls disrupt the relationship between drummer, band and audience.

Now Cympad is releasing a redesigned and improved new model of its cymbal optimizer cymbal washer for both ride and large crashes. Utilizing the cymbal washer specialistís advanced design and premium-grade foam material, this new product offers greater consistency, durability and overall performance for a variety of live and studio drumming applications. Cympadís Ride Cymbal Optimizers feature a higher density; firmer foam and increased height to better support larger, heavier ride and crash cymbals. The new Ride washers come is a two-pack that carries a suggested list price of 5 bucks. Many renowned names of the drumming world currently use Cympad for their daily duties, names like Roy Mayorga, Thomas Lang, James, Kottak, Shannon Larkin, Fredrik Andersson and Will Calhoun.

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