Ibanez expands ATK bass series with addition of double humbucker

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-01-22)

Ibanez expands ATK bass series with addition of double humbucker

Ibanez turned more than a few heads when it introduced its ATK series basses a few years back. The basses have a retro look, including a rather large tailpiece/bridge/pickup surround configuration that recalls the Ovation series solidbody basses of the 1970s. For 2011, Ibanez has rethought the series with some new features that seem to be aimed at Music Man Sting Ray and Lakland players.

The ATK200 (pictured at top left) is the standard model of the series and features the newly designed Double Humbucker pickup in the MM position along with 3-band EQ. Players can get three distinctive bass sounds deep/warm, punchy/slap, or smooth/gentle to fit any genre or playing style instantly, with a flick of a switch. For use on the road or in the studio, this bass gives consistent sound no matter where its being played. The ATK 200 is very affordable, with an MSRP of $551 USD.

The ATK1200 is a Made In Japan Prestige bass that features the same Double Humbucker pickup as the ATK200, but with an additional Sonic Arch pickup in the P bass position, much as in Lakland's flagship 44-94 and Skyline 4401 series basses. Combined they provide the ultimate versatility in sound. The ATK1200 is perfect for anywhere you need flexibility and reliability and includes the ATK 3-band EQ. The ATK1200 has an MSRP of $2133 USD, which will put its street price in the neighborhood of the Lakland 44-01.

The entry model of the ATK series, the ,b>GATK20, features the standard humbucker pickup and -- at an MSRP of $357 USD, is ideal for beginning bassists.

Whether its recording, gigging, or rehearsing, the new line of ATKs makes finding the right bass a whole lot easier. For more information about Ibanez Guitars visit us at Ibanez.com

From information on the Ibanez website and press releases.

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