Alesis announces DMPhones and DM10s get a new rack

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-22)

Alesis announces DMPhones and DM10s get a new rack

DMPhones Isolating Headphones

When speaking about electronic drum sets, Alesis is progressively conquering more and more territory in this growing market. Already offering a nice variety of electronic drum pads and drum kits for all pocket sizes, Alesis is now venturing further by creating specially designed accessories for the electronic drummer. Behold the DMPhones. The DMPhones feature a closed-cup design that provides isolation from outside noises while accurately and crisply reproducing the high frequencies of your cymbals, the deep thud of the bass drum, and covering everything in between with professional quality. “DMPhones are designed with the electronic drummer in mind, ” said Dan Radin, Product Manager, Alesis. “DMPhones provide focused, isolating sound and extreme comfort even during hours of use.” The DMPhones will be available in first quarter of 2011. They carry a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $49.00 and an estimated street price of $29.00.

The StageRack

The DM10 is Alesis’ top of the line electronic drum set. It stands out from the other Alesis electronic kits by offering astonishing drum and cymbal samples with the triggering excellence of the RealHead drum pad design. Now to improve on Alesis’ best, the DM10 is starting the New Year with a newly designed rack so it can continue offering all drummers a sturdy support for even their most intense performances. So what’s the improvement on this new rack, you might ask? The answer can be found in its structural details. Featuring the same four-post design that can be found on other Alesis rack, the DMRack, the StageRack features 1 1/2 “ tubing, fully adjustable clamps, mounts, and integrated boom cymbal arms offering plenty of flexibility for set up, and most screws feature large wing-screws (too bad is not all of them). The key concept of the StageRack lays in facilitating a quick and easy setting up while providing a strong and sturdy support structure without taking up too much space. The StageRack is now available when purchasing Alesis DM10 Studio Kit.

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