Pearl Drums unveils an array of new products for 2011

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-22)

Pearl Drums unveils an array of new products for 2011

Is there better way for a drum maker to start the year than releasing a new brand drum set line? Well, that’s what Pearl Drums did, in a way, for 2011. The new line, called Reference Pure, is a lower mass (thus more resonant) version of Pearl’s already market-available Reference Series. The Reference Pure Series features the same shell composition and targeted task specific bearing edges found in the “impure” Reference Series. Both Reference series are also now available in two new finishes, Black Cherry and Red Metallic.

Pearl’s Vision Series is also kicking off the year with new releases. Following the success achieved for over 20 years of Pearl’s most recognized kit, the Export, the Vision Series portrays a continuation of quality and standard set by the legendary Export. The Vision series is now being offered in 4 new Maple and Birch configurations as well as a new selection of color and finishes. The following are some quick facts about these four new Vision configurations.

Vision VML features 6 ply Maple ply shells in beautiful high-gloss lacquer or Pearl’s new groundbreaking Artisan II lacquer finishes. VML includes chrome hardware, wood bass drum hoops in matching finish and a wood snare drum in matching finish.

Vision VBL features 6ply 100% Birch Shells that deliver that studio-desired, naturally EQed sound characteristic of Birch. Available in super high-gloss lacquer finishes with chrome hardware, VBL comes with matching wood bass drum hoops and a Steel Sensitone Snare Drum with a chrome finish.

Vision VBA delivers full Pearl Birch quality in 3 beautiful Artisan II finishes. The shells are 6 ply Birch ply and come with matching wood hoops and a matching Birch ply snare drum.

Vision VB offers 6 ply Birch ply shells in premium high-gloss coverings like the new #49 Mirror Chrome. VB includes a matching Birch ply snare drum, matching wood bass drum hoops, and is available with black or chrome hardware.

Pearl’s Masters MCX series is also now getting new look options for 2011. Quilted Bubinga Sunburst and Mocha Tamo are the new available finishes for the MCX series. Pearl didn’t forget marching drummers or percussionist on their 2011 new releases. The company is also releasing the new Advanced Marching Hardware for snares, tenors and bass drums that feature a height/range independently adjustable front leg to facilitate performances on level ground and in Stadium Bleechers. The new 2Face Cajon stands out from any other Cajon by the simply fact of being playable in both, front and back faces. One face is 5mm thick offering a more mellow woody sound, while the reverse face is 3mm thick and gives all the punch, thump, and crack. Answering the requests of educators for a more appealing concert snare drum tone, Pearl is also releasing the new PL900C that has a Poplar Shell drum producing a warmer sound than metal shell drums for a better ensemble experience for both the player and teacher. The new snare drum is a compact 13x3.5 for easy playing and lightweight transport and is finished a concert black wrap.

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