Ddrum new drum kits and hardware for 2011

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-22)

Ddrum new drum kits and hardware for 2011

This January Ddrum not only expanded their product line but implemented a major upgrade their website. With a cleaner design and more informative structure, the new site is surely a welcome change for all Ddrum players and fans. The company is slowly growing in the market and their Artist Roaster includes giant drumming names such as metal drummer legends Dave Lombardo, Shawn Drover, Vinnie Paul and Carmine Appice. Known mostly for their ultra popular triggers for acoustic drums, Ddrum’s drum set lines continue to grow and being upgraded. For 2011, Ddrum has three new drum set-related releases and is introducing their new heavy-duty hardware line, The Heavy Hitter Hardware.

Ddrum’s Alder shelled, warm and focused tone drum kit, The Reflex Series, is getting a new beautiful finish, making over the series with a striking new look. Some of the new astonishing finishes include Grey Bubble Wrap and White Bubble Wrap. This affordable and naturally equalized kit will try to persuade new players not only by its balanced sound but also by its new look. Another drum kit release from Ddrum this year is the Vinnie Paul Signature Limited Edition drum set that also features alder shells. This limited edition kit comes with shorter and smaller toms (9” x 12”, 10” x 13”, 16”x 16”) bass drum (20” x 22”) and snare (7” x 14”) when compared with Vinnie Paul’s Artist Signature kit. The snare drum features Dunnett throw off system and the kit has a unique look with Vinnie Paul’s Custom Dragon Wrap.

The third and last drum set release from Ddrum this month is a new version of their smaller, entry-level and road friendly D2 kit, the new D120B differs from the D2 by featuring smaller tom, snare, and bass drum sizes. It comes with Basswood shells, D Series oval lugs, crash, hi hat, and ride cymbals, stands and throne. A great option for your youngster or for the van-traveling, pub-playing drummer.

In addition to drum kits, Ddrum is also coming out with their new heavy duty hardware. The Heavy Hitter Hardware is comprised of straight cymbal stand, HideWay Boom stand, Short HideWay boom Stand, add on cymbal arm, and three beautiful professional thrones. The Heavy Hitter is now Ddrum’s top of the line drum’s hardware series.

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