Ddrum releases new drum module and snares

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-22)

Ddrum releases new drum module and snares

Already made famous with their acoustic drum trigger, Ddrum is now releasing their very own drum module. The DD1M is a compact and versatile brain module that was specifically designed for use with Ddrum triggers. It offers nine inputs (kick, snare, ride, crash, hi hat, hi hat controller, and three toms), dual outputs, headphone jack, aux in, built in metronome, MIDI out, editable reverb and gain, and 50 specially crafted kits that cover most of the world’s rhythm style, from rock to Latin. And to make easier for their consumers, Ddrum is also releasing the new DD1M accompanied with a five-piece set of their popular RedShot Triggers.

Ddrum’s biggest list of releases for 2011 is centered on their snare drum catalogue, totaling an amount of 16 new snares. Three of them are artists signature snare drums: Dave Lombardo Signature Snare featuring 5.5”x 14” dimensions, 8-ply Alder shell, bullet tube lugs, lever and cam throw off and custom wrap finish, John Humphrey Signature Snare has 6” x 14” dimensions, 8-ply maple shell, black hardware and red sparkle lacquer finish, Tim Yeung’s Detonator Signature Snare features 6.5” x 14” dimensions, steel shell, 2.3 mm flange hoops, bright ebony hardware and a special custom graphic with Asian characters meaning “intimidating – commanding respect”. A perfect description of what this snare drum intends to do when played. Two of Ddrum’s snare new releases are for the Reflex series, Reflex Black Chrome (6” x 14”, steel shell) and Reflex Golf Ball (6.5” x 13”, 1mm steel shell).

The spotlight of this massive snare release shines on to the new Artisan Series and USA Series. The Artisan Series features 7 snares in two different sizes, 5.5” x 14” and 6.5” x 14”, each being made of different materials and finishes, thus giving each of them a unique character. The Artisan Series is comprised of the following snare models: Hammered Iron, Hammered Copper, Iron, Iron Blend, Chrome Wood, Maple and Ebony models. The USA Series features four wood hoop snare drums. Three of them feature maple shells and 7” x 13” dimensions. Each snare has its own unique finish, White Parisian, Tuxedo Black and Mapa Burl. The USA series is completed by the 5” x 15”, 8-ply Maple snare drum with Walnut finish.

For more information about these and other Ddrum products please visitwww.ddrum.com

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