Paiste comes out with three new cymbal collections

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-22)

Paiste comes out with three new cymbal collections

Paiste is starting the New Year with staggering new releases aiming to satisfy their fans’ and users’ tastes. Paiste goes back to their roots with the re-release of their Formula 602 series, and with the laboriously hand-manufactured Twenty Master collection. The company is also extending their Alpha Series catalog by adding two new innovative trash cymbals.

The Formula 602 Series, formally released back in 1959 and discontinued during the 90’s is now back. With the recent demand of CuSn20 Bronze cymbals because of its warmth and superior sound qualities, Paiste decided to bring back the Formula 602 that reached world fame status for being used back in the day by drummers like Ndugu Chancler, Charlie Watts, Joe Morello, and others. The Formula 602 reissued series includes 16” and 18” thin crashes, 14” Sound Edge hi hat, 20” Medium ride and 20” Medium Flatride. Now the legendary line is back for modern enjoyment.

The new Twenty Master Collection are eleven hand-manufactured, Cusn20 bronze ride cymbals that aims to bring an array of ride cymbal options to satisfy drummers of all styles. The Twenty Master Collection is comprised of two Dark Rides (20” and 22”) that are great for jazz and feature a vintage sound, two Dark Crisp Rides (20” and 22”) that are heavier than the Dark Ride models and have mode stick definition, one 20” Sweet Ride that has a smooth, silvery ping over the warm and buttery feel, two Medium Rides (20” and 21”) that are great for various musical styles from fusion to pop and have full, warm and lively sound characteristics, two Dark Dry Rides (20” and 21”) that feature a raw surface giving them a more controlled and dry sound and one 24” Deep Ride that weighs more than 10 pounds and embraces a enormous dynamic range, from quiet to loud, providing warmth and depth thus being a very versatile cymbal for studio or live performances.

Now for the two new additions to the Alpha Series: Starting with the 18” Thin Swiss Crash that features circular holes for stunning look and sound. Due to the special placement and size of the holes, the Swiss Crash fades out fast and balanced. Second, the 18” Medium Swiss Crash that provides a little extra power when compared with the Thin Swiss because of its slightly heavier body. Both cymbals come in brilliant finish.

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