Vic Firth starts the year with new products and partner

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-22)

Vic Firth starts the year with new products and partner

Announced in the last week of 2010 and immediately put into effect, Vic Firth Drumsticks’ partnership with cymbal maker Avedis Zildjian combines two of the most recognized brands in the drumming industry into an alliance to greatly strengthen their role in the business. In such great spirits is how this New England-based, family-owned company started the year while introducing a few of new drumstick models.

Among the new releases are five Signature Series sticks; two American Classic, two Corpsmasters and two Wire Brushes. The following is a quick overview of these new additions to Vic Firth’s 2011 catalogue.

Signature Series

Charlie Benante (SBEN)
A Rock shaft and tip with a special taper for great feel and durability. With Vic Grip for a slip resistant grip.
L = 16 5/8" | Dia. = .625"

Peter Erskine "Big Band"
Combines the shaft dimensions of a 5A and 5B with a long taper for effortless rebound.
L = 16" | Dia. = .585"

Russ Miller "Hi-Def" Signature Stick
Special "half acorn" wood tip for incredible cymbal clarity. Logo at the nodal point for perfect cross-stick tone.
L = 16 " | Dia. = .535"

Steve White (SSW)
A medium sized stick with a short taper makes it ideal to ride and accent with the shoulder. The balance provides excellent control‚ and a short rounded tear drop tip creates a compact sound.
L = 16 1/4" | Dia. = .585"

Signature Vibraphone - Stefon Harris
Redesigned with reduced head size and increased overall length for improved playability.
L = 14 1/2"

American Classic®

5B "Chop-Out" Practice Stick
Rubber tip with an elongated taper to simulate the balance of the 5B.
L = 16 1/4" | Dia. = .595"

5A Dual Tone
5A wood tip with a durable synthetic felt mallet head attached to the butt end.
L = 16 1/8" | Dia. = .565"


Ralph Hardimon "Hammer"
A scaled down Hardimon‚ made in Sta-Pac® for added weight and sound production.
L = 16 7/8" | Dia. = .695"

Ralph Hardimon "Chop-Out" Practice Stick
The Hardimon "Hammer" with a rubber tip. The ultimate workout stick.
L = 16 7/8" | Dia. = .695"

Wire Brushes

Russ Miller Wire Brush
A brush dedicated to each hand. Features a "sweep" brush with medium gauge wire for smooth sound‚ and a "ride" brush with a tight spread and heavy gauge wire for clear projection with incredible rebound.
Dia. = .580" | "SWEEP" Spread = 3 1/8" | "RIDE" Spread = 2 3/4"

Legacy Brush
A retractable wire brush with a wood handle provides a natural feel in the hand. With medium gauge wire and an infinitely adjustable brush spread capable of maintaining any playing position.
Dia. = .530" | Spread = 3 1/2"

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