Yamaha announced two new drum sets and Recording Custom Series reissue at NAMM 2011

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-22)

Yamaha announced two new drum sets and Recording Custom Series reissue at NAMM 2011

Yamaha Drums releases at NAMM 2011 are offering tradition and affordability to their loyal customers. The company re-crafted their Stage Custom Birch and now beginning drummers and student can have Yamaha drum qualities at accessible prices. The Recording Custom Heritage is being reissued into a Limited Edition run of 45 High-End sets and a whole new line is being launched, The Club Custom, designed with help from Grammy winning drummer Steve Jordan.

The new Stage Custom Bebop drum sets feature rugged hardware, 100 percent birch shells, offering a cutting low-end sound and lacquer finish for great sustain. This compact size Yamaha kit was designed with jazz drummers and educators in mind, facilitating load-ins, making it a very functional kit with great sound and affordable price.

Commemorating the 45th anniversary of the first edition of Yamaha’s most recorded drum set in history, the Recording Custom, the company is reissuing the series in a Limited Edition run. Only 45 units will be available, 15 in each of the following finishes; Mellow Yellow, Piano White and Red Hot. This is a great opportunity for Yamaha drums fans to own one of these renowned kits. Featuring Japanese Hokkaido birch shells, the Recording Custom delivers what critics consider an EQ’d sound, making them perfect for studio applications.

For drummers looking for a kit with traditional sounds and modern qualities, Yamaha’s new drum series, Club Custom, can be the right answer. Featuring a painted lacquer finish that allows shell vibration with Yamaha’s exclusive exotic tone wood construction (Karpur), this new series projects a warm and old-school tone, rugged with modern hardware and unique finishing techniques making it a perfect blend of past and present. "A few years ago, when I visited Japan, I requested that Yamaha create a drum set with these qualities and it's exciting to see this new Club Custom kit come out now," said project mentor drummer Steve Jordan.

For more information about these and other Yamaha products please visit www.yamaha.com

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