New cymbals, drumsticks and accessories from Zildjian

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-22)

New cymbals, drumsticks and accessories from Zildjian

In addition to two surprising pieces of news from this world-leading cymbal manufacturer (first, its merging with drumstick giant Vic Firth and secondly, the release of their revolutionizing acoustic electric cymbal) Zildjian is also introducing new cymbals, orchestral Crotales, drumsticks, and accessories.

There are three new cymbal additions to Zildjian catalogue, two of them being the new Z3 Ultra Hammered Chinas in sizes 19” and 21”. They feature new inverted “volcano” bell and, as their name hints, are extensively hammered to produce a sound that is trashier than their 18” and 20” Z3 China counterparts. The other cymbal release is the newly designed 22” A Zildjian Swish Knocker. Replacing the original Knocker model, this upgraded version features a smoother and sweet “knock”, inspired by the model Mel Lewis made famous at the Village Vanguard. The new Knocker has a slightly higher profile and less curved cup.

Orchestral drummers weren’t left out of the new Zildjian releases. The company announced their Professional Crotales at NAMM 2011. Made with Zildjian’s famous 80% copper/20% tin content bronze alloy, each note is hand selected for sustain, vibrato speed, and vibrato prominence. Tuned to A-442, they are available in sonically matched high, low, and two octave sets. Zildjian also improved their Crotale Bar. A sturdy duel mounting system allows players to use almost any conventional cymbal stand. The low octave “C natural” mount is now removable to allow for a seamless set up when both octaves are played side by side which means no more double middle Cs. The player also has the option of stacking the octaves by simply putting the “C” mount back on. Still under the Crotale deparment, Zildjian also releases the new Deluxe Crotale Carrying Bag made of weather resistant synthetic nylon. Zildjian also released new Russet Leather Cymbal Handles and Pads, made by synthetic leather that reduces tearing and fraying. The pads are now smaller reducing muffling but still large enough to protect the play’s hands.

Zildjian also announced 4 new models of drumsticks (apparently the Vic Firth partnership is not slowing down Zildjian’s drumstick production, at least for now…) Super 7A, 5a Blue, 5b Blue and Dennis Chambers Signature Series with new nylon tip. Longer than the traditional 7A series, the Super 7A’s perfect balance and round wood or nylon tips deliver bright cymbal tones. The new 5A and 5B Blue feature a new vibrant finish on two of Zildjian’s most popular drumsticks.

And if this wasn’t enough, Zildjian also came out with many drum accessories to satisfy all their fans. Starting with Travis Barker and Tre Cool practice pads, available in 6” and 12” sizes. They feature original artwork, a responsive surface, solid base and 8mm mounting insert. Five new hats (these are the ones you wear instead of hit), a tabletop gong set, a wall clock and even a bar stool were also released. As you can see, Zildjian is not only concerned about your sound but also about your coolness. For more information about Zildjian Cymbals please visit