Ibanez releases three Soundwave bass amps

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-01-22)

Ibanez releases three Soundwave bass amps

Although you will still see arena groups using huge stacks or multiple 810 cabinets onstage, the era of the "bigrig" bass has been fading for several years with the introduction of small, lightweight powerhouse heads and lightweight cabinets using smaller speakers in more efficient designs. For most club players, when it comes to bass amps, smaller is better.

From practice room to small gig, the new Ibanez Soundwave bass amps offer performance and portability with features bassists have come to take for granted in smaller amps.

The 80-watt SW80 is the line’s f;agship. It features a 15” custom-made coaxial speaker with Piezo tweeter, 4-band EQ, a kickback cabinet, foot-switchable distortion and envelope filtering, an “Aux In” with volume control for practicing or effects return and a headphone out for silent practice.

The 35-watt SW35 has a 10” custom-made coaxial speaker and 4-band EQ. The SW35 also offers a kickback cabinet, switchable distortion and envelope filtering, “Aux In” with volume control and headphone out.

For studio or just practicing in the living room, the SW15 is perfect for any situation where you need serious output from a small amp. 15 watts of dedicated bass amplification, an 8” custom made coaxial speaker, and 3-band EQ work together in this small, lightweight combo, make this the perfect amp for players on the go.

For more information about Ibanez Soundwave Bass Amps and all Ibanez products visit www.ibanez.com.

Ibanez Guitars has a long history dating back to Japan in 1908. The company initially gained a foothold in the US with a line of guitars patterned after popular models by Fender and Gibson. By the mid-1970s, Ibanez had begun to produce unique designs and was among the first companies to premiere a line of neck-through basses with active EQ. Today Ibanez guitars are used by high-profile players such as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, and its basses continue to offer upscale features and looks at affordable prices.

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