C.F. Martin revives Road Series, adds new CEO edition

(John Gorbe | Posted 2011-01-24)

C.F. Martin revives Road Series, adds new CEO edition

This is an exciting year for the C.F. Martin Company, and they're churning out many new innovative models that appeal to the eyes, hands and ears. Here's a look at a few examples of their fine work.

DRS1 Dreadnought
The “Road” series made its debut in 2001 and had been discontinued; however, the DSR1 (pictured at left) marks the return of this beloved series. The “Road” series was designed for the working guitarist on a modest budget ($949.00 MSRP), who requires that their instrument be durable without giving up the quality of its sound.

The top, back and sides are crafted of solid sapele and braced for resonance and projection. The DRS1 neck is built with multilaminate Stratabond for extra rigidity and durability, and the belly bridge and fingerboard are made of Richlite that achieves a similar look to ebony. This model also comes equipped with the Fishman Sonitone sound reinforcement system.

This Fishman Sonitone system features volume and tone controls inside the sound hole of non-cutaway models. On cutaway models this system includes a chromatic tuner, further tone shaping controls and pop-up battery access.

D-18P ($2599) & D-28P( $2999)
The “P” in these models names refers to performance. The necks found on these dreadnoughts are the same as are found on the acclaimed “Performing Artist” series. The necks are redesigned to offer the player a slimmer and faster feel. The first couple of frets are also designed for a more comfortable feel due to a special spacing.

Both models are constructed of East Indian rosewood on the back and sides that provide enhanced bass response and projection. These guitars are more pricey than the DSR1 but if you’re looking for a piece to hold on to for a long time, check these models out.

CEO-6 (MSRP: $4199)
This is the sixth in a series of special edition guitars designed and introduced by Chris Frederick Martin IV, the sixth-generation Martin to head the company since it was formed in 1833.

The CEO-6 is available in two finishes: a highly polished lacquer natural finish or a “tear drop” sunburst (pictured at right) finish at no extra charge. This model is based on the early “slope shoulder” dreadnought design, featuring a solid wood red spruce Adirondack top, East Indian rosewood back and sides, ebony fingerboard and bridge, faux beveled and polished pickguard and gold Grover tuners.

This special edition also houses the Martin Performing Artist neck profile and Fishman F1 Aura electronics. All these features make the CEO-6 an acoustic/electric guitar that’s stage ready.

The only thing I noticed on this guitar that tended to bother me slightly was the different Martin logo they placed on the headstock. It almost looks out of character for such a fine guitar. This is a minor point however, and subjective as this is only my opinion.

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