PRS teams up with Van Damme Cabling

(John Gorbe | Posted 2011-01-26)

PRS teams up with Van Damme Cabling

The best guitars and amplification means nothing if you have a weak link in the chain of your signal flow. This link could very easily be your cable linking your guitar to your amp. Niall Holden will make sure this doesn’t happen.

Niall Holden is the founder of Van Damme cabling, one of the world’s premier cable suppliers and PRS is proud to announce their partnership for 2011. This partnership adds a quality cable that will carry the signal produced by PRS guitars and amplifiers without a compromise of your tone. Van Damme offers a large range of cables widely used on A-list tours and in studios around the world, broadcast and post production arenas, in commercial and corporate installations and even super yachts and hi-end sports cars!

Holden’s first orders in the eighties was from the Eurythmics and since that first order, Van Damme’s cables have been used extensively at Abbey Road Studios and found a home with numerous A-list artists including Sting, Radiohead, Mark Knopfler, Muse, The Foo Fighters, and Coldplay to name a few.

“We are delighted to be associated with such a quality and respected brand as PRS guitars. I believe the strength of our partnership lies in the same basic approach to supplying a no-nonsense, evolving quality product. With our exacting client base Van Damme has to do exactly what it says on the jar – much like PRS, we aim for the same excellence,” said Niall Holden, VDC Managing Director.

PRS and Van Damme have both been in operation since the mid eighties and still operate under their respective founders. Both brands have also been built largely on reputations of quality and customer service.

The PRS branded cable line will include 10’, 18’ and 25’ guitar cables as well as 3’ and 6’ speaker cables.

From a press release.

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