Sonor introduces 4 new drum kit series

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-29)

Sonor introduces 4 new drum kit series

Sonor Drums is adding four new drum kit series to their catalogue, satisfying all drummers’ tastes and budgets. The new Sonor’s drum set series are called Ascent, Essential Force, Select Force and Smart Force.

Ascent Series - Featuring Sonor’s latest technology in drum manufacturing, The Ascent Series is a revival of Sonor’s renowned Beech Shells. The Ascent Series is considered (by its manufacturer) to be a perfect symbiosis between newly the released Select Force and S Classix Series. Ascent stands apart from traditional drum kits by featuring a thin Bass drum shell (7 layers) and thick snare and tom shells (9 layers), thus creating a unique balance of tone and sound. It’s available in 9 new Wood Veneer, Sparkle and Solid Fade, and Burst finishes.

Essential Force Series – The 9-layered Birchwood shells are the foundation for Sonor Essential Force Sets. Hefty and dynamic sounds, with accentuated mid-ranges and highs, and defined lows are the hallmark of these shells. Essential Force comes with high-gloss-lacquered natural wood surfaces, and comprises 5 preconfigured sets and fifteen individual components for maximum customization.

Select Force Series – The new Sonor Select Force was specially designed for advanced and semi-professional drummer. Offering a wide variety of pre-configured sets, including availability of Short Size Toms, 20” deep Bass Drum and the new S Drive Configuration, this series features 7-layer Canadian maple shells for rich and warm sounds, highlighting lower pitches and providing balance in the mi-range and treble. It also comes in nine finishes options.

Smart Force – This is Sonor’s new entry-level drum set series. It features 9-layer poplar shells that create full bodied and balanced sounds. The Smart Force will be also offered in an “extended” version, that will featured a few extra pieces for first-time drum kit buyers. The Smart Xtend will come with Cast B8 Cymbal set, mini boom stand and drum throne. It is available in six different finishes.

The new Sonor drum set series (with exception of the Smart Series) also feature new light-weight tension TuneSafe lugs, new designed TAR 9Total Acoustic Resonance) Tom Mount System and new designed Chrome plate Snare Strainer and Snare Butt. Sonor’s new series will be available on the market in March 2011.

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