Aquarian introduces acoustic/electronic drum triggering with inHEAD

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-29)

Aquarian introduces acoustic/electronic drum triggering with inHEAD

Besides being chosen “Best In Show” at NAMM 2011, Zildjian’s Gen16 AE (Acoustic- Electric) cymbals were not the only product release in the convention with goals to revolutionize the sound-triggering world. Much like Zildjian’s Acoustic-Electric Cymbal, Aquarian, which paired up in collaboration with MIDItroniX, introduced in Anaheim the inHEAD, the first acoustic drumhead with electronic trigger built-in.

Combining the sensitivity and feel of a real acoustic drumhead with the Force Sensing Resistor (FSR) film technology; the inHEAD enters the market as a product that could revolutionize electronic drum triggering. The advantages of the inHEAD are not restricted only to its real drumhead qualities, which allow drummers to play their favorite drum, without having to sacrifice his drumming technique. Since the FSR works by measuring pressure rather than the drumhead vibration, the inHEAD is bullet proof when speaking about crosstalk and miss triggering, two of the most inconvenient problems found in any electronic drum pad. Despite these two essential enhancements to the technology, the inHEAD’s sensor is claimed to be the most sensitive on the market. The inHEAD comes with its companion, the inBOX, which allows you to attach the inHEAD right into your drum module. This new acoustic electronic head also aims to benefit experimentation and hybridizing of drum sounds using triggers and microphones. Special inHEAD drum mutes will also be available so it can use as a traditional electronic pad set, allowing drummers to play the inHEAD even when silence is required.

Since triggering quality, unwanted crosstalk, double triggering or loss of low-end sensitivity seem not to be an issue for the inHEAD, the big questions remaining now are how much its retail price will be, and how durable can it be. These are the two variables that for sure will decide the success of the product. InHEAD is scheduled to hit the market around May 2011.

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