Alfred and Marko Djordjevic release drum book “The New Frontier for Drumset”

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-29)

Alfred and Marko Djordjevic release drum book “The New Frontier for Drumset”

Marko Djordjevic is far from being a drummer constrained into traditional drumming techniques. He demonstrates and teaches his improvisational, limb independence and drumming creativity in his newly released book “The New Frontier for Drumset”, which was produced in collaboration with Alfred Music Publishing.

Currently known for his work on his own Balkan-folk-jazz group, SVETI, Marko is a native of Belgrade, Serbia, where he learned his drum licks at age 11 under the guidance of Miroslav Karlovic. Since then, he has performed and recorded all over the world with artist such as Wayne Krantz, Gregg Bissonette, Rick Margitas, Chris McDermott, Bree Sharp, Belgrade Youth Symphony and many others. The secrets of his drumming technique were first made public on another of Alfred’s releases, the “Where I Came From” DVD, where he takes the viewer on a step by step journey through the basics of drumming with a fresh approach.

In “The New Frontier for Drumset”, Marko continues his drumming saga by offering a instructional book that teaches drummers to break away from methods that end up restricting drumming creativity. This new release aims to help students to better understand, and to accurately execute subdivisions, linear playing, odd-meter playing and phrasing over the bar line so one can expand his freedom of soloing, improvising and composing drum parts, improving musicality, time, feel, dynamics, coordination and melodic movement around the drum set. “The New Frontier for Drumset” promises to augment your ability to bring your creative drum thoughts into practice without having to be locked into memorizing rhythmic patters or sticking combinations.

The New Frontier for Drumset is now available for $12.99. It can be purchased at your local music retail store, or at

You can check out some of Marko Djordjevic’s impressive drumming compositions at SVETI’s myspace page in the following link.

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