New company Crush Drums unveils its products at NAMM

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-29)

New company Crush Drums unveils its products at NAMM

“A company to watch.” That’s how this newbie, Florida-based drum maker company was honored in Anaheim this month at the NAMM show. So, what does Crush Drums have to show off? A direct and accurate answer would be “A LOT”. The company first appeared in fall of 2010, but it waited for NAMM to unveil a series of innovative drum sets that are built of unusual materials. But Crush Drums is not only made up of atypical products. The company also introduced drum set lines built of traditional woods; a wide variety of snares, and a hardware line is on its way.

Here is a quick overview of what Crush Drums has to offer.

Drum Set Models

Carbon Fiber – Features 100% Carbon Fiber shells that are lightweight and amazingly strong. Carbon Fiber/Aluminum tube lugs. Four-point x-suspension tom mount. Chevron snare throw off. Tom brackets with mating memory locks, Double 45” bearing edges and woven metal finish. Offered in the following configuration: 22”x 20” Bass Drum, 10” x 7” & 12” x 8” Rack Toms and 16” x 14” Floor Tom. The 14” x 6.5” snare is sold separately.

Fiberglass – Features 100% Fiberglass Shells that are very lightweight, strong and even heat and corrosion resistant. Crush Tube lugs that are strong and road-worthy. Fou point x-suspension tom mount. Available in two finishes: White or Black Fiberglass. Configuration: 22”x 20” Bass Drum, 14” x 6” Snare, 12” x 8” Rack Tom and 16” x 14” Floor Tom. Snares also available in 13” x 7” and 14” x 8 “ sizes.

Acrylic – Features seamless acrylic shells that provides plenty of resonance and punch. Crush mini bridge lugs, matching acrylic bass drum hoops. X-suspension tom mount. Configuration: 22” x18” Bass Drum, 14” x 6” Snare Drum, 10” x 7” & 12” x 8” Rack Toms, 16” x 14” Floor Tom. Add-ons available: 13” x 7” & 14” x 7” Snare Drums, 8” x 6” & 13” x 10” Rack Toms and 14’ x 13’ Floor Tom.

Sublime Bubinga – Features 100% Bubing shells, 6-ply toms and 7-ply snare and bass. Satin Drum Hardware. Mini Bridge Lugs. Double 45 Degrees Bearing Edges. High Gloss & Satin Lacquer finishes (Purple Sparkle & Trans Satin Black). X-suspension tom mounts. Remo heads and brass snare wires. Configurations: 22” x18” Bass Drum, 10” x 7” & 12” x 8” Rack Toms, 16” x 14” Floor Tom or 24” x18” Bass Drum, 12” x 9” & 13” x 9” Rack Toms, 16” x 16” Floor Tom. Snare sold separately. Add-ons also available: 12” x 6”, 13” x 6”, 13” x 7”, 14” x 4”, 14” x 7”, 15” x 6” & 14” x 6” Snare Drums, 8” x 7”, 10” x 8” & 14” x 10” Rack Toms, 14” x 12”, 14” x 13” & 18” x 16” Floor Toms and 18” x 18”, 20” x 20” & 22” x 20” Bass Drums.

Sublime Maple – Features 100% North American Maple shells, 7-ply toms, snare and bass drums. Double 45 degrees bearing edges, Mini Bridge lug. Remo Heads and High Gloss Lacquer Finish (Dar green Sparkle, Dark Yellow Sparkle, Ocean Blue Sparkle, White/Lime Stripe Sparkle and Copper Sparkle Fade). Available in five different configurations with many add-ons. Sublime Tour – Features North American wood shells, 6-ply toms, 10-ply snare and 8-ply bass drum. Mini Bridge Lugs. Single 45 degrees bearing edges on snares and double on toms. X-suspension tom mounts. Reinforcement Rings in Toms and Bass Drums and brass snare wires. Available in Satin Black/Military Green Fade, Dark Lime Sparkle and Dark Blue/ Purple Trans HG Fade. Available in three pre configured sets and many add-ons.

Chameleon Ash – The Chameleon Series features a unique interchangeable lug design that allows you to customize it with different color lug inserts (Red, Yellow, Black and White). Just an extra touch of coolness. It features 100% Ash shells, 7-ply toms, snares and bass drums. Isolation Mounts. Double 45 degrees bearing edges, Remo heads and Satin lacquer finish (Trans Satin Green, Black and Orange). Available in four pre configured sets with many add-ons available.

Chameleon Birch – In addition to the interchangeable lug inserts, the Chameleon Birch has another unique feature: PVC Coating. It feature 100% birch shells. Two different finishes (Black or White) and four pre configured sets with many add-ons available.

Alpha – This is Crush’s entry-level kit. Coming with nice features and a few extras. Birch/Basswood shells, Crush Brand stands and pedals, throne, 14” hi hats and 16” crash/ride, stick bag and 6 pair of sticks. It’s all in one purchase type of kit. Available in three colors: Midnight Blue, Black and Sparkle Red.

Snare Drum Models

Most of the snare drums in the catalogue are the ones available in each drum set model. (Carbon Fiber, Sublime Bubinga, Sublime Maple, Chameleon Ash), but Crush Drums has a selection of Hand Hammered snare drums featuring brass, copper, steel and bronze shells. The highlight on this section of the catalogue goes to the C4 snare drum, which features a military style badge emblem representing Crush’s respect for the men and women in duty. The C4 also features die cast Shells made of phosphor bronze, copper, steel or aluminum.

The company will also be soon releasing three lines of hardware (M1, M4 and M5) for all tastes and budgets.

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