Gibraltar unveils innovative new products

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-29)

Gibraltar unveils innovative new products

Gibraltar Hardware is one of those companies that year after year bring new perspectives into the drum hardware world. Their ever-coming creative ideas keep simplifying, improving and simply turning the market to more intelligent ways to best serve the needs of the modern drummer and percussionist. In 2011, Gibraltar couldnít be any different. As always, innovation is written all over in these new releases unveiled couple weeks ago in Anaheim at NAMM 2011.

The Swing Nut is the Gibraltarís new and smart concept for a cymbal standís wing nut. Traditional wing nuts have the fame of unscrewing themselves during performance, being harmful for cymbals depending on tension applied, easy to loose, and somewhat time consuming during set up. The new Swing Nut eliminates all these issues with its simple and clever design. Featuring a heavy-duty spring where the bottom cymbal felt lays on a cymbal stand, applying pressure upwards, the Swing Nut is responsible to hold the cymbal in place in the desired pressure. But the beauty of this product is found on its easy way of just turning the ďwingĒ side ways and quickly removing or placing the cymbal on its stand. Genius!

Another new innovative release is Gibraltarís Rolling Racks. Now the company is offering the option for anyone to have their world famous drum and percussion rack stations mounted on lockable wheels, mobility that can be of great use on the road and music festivals. Gibraltar also released a new Quad Mount Platform for electronic drum set-ups. It allows players to mount two electronic tom pads along with two cymbal arms directly from the platform mount of one stand. Quad Mount Platform stands are lightweight and portable, saving setup time and valuable floor space. In addition, the stands accommodate a higher playing platform and are ideal for stand up playing.

The Ultra Adjust Hi Hat Stand line was also present at NAMM 2011. Now, this unique and effective stand comes with a new adjustment function into the Ultra Adjust mechanism, giving players the convenience of tripod/cymbal displacement and cymbal height adjustment.

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