Gretsch Drums releases new snares

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-29)

Gretsch Drums releases new snares

Known for their old school, traditional sounding kits, Gretsch Drums introduced a series of new finishes to many of their acclaimed drum set series. Besides that, the company starts the year with the release of 3 new snare drum types and new sizes and finishes for their Contoured Wood Hoop Snares line.

First, Gretsch teamed up with endorsee, Mark Schulman to launch two new Full Range snare drums. Available in 6x12 (6 lug) and 6x13 (8 lug), these signature snare drums are designed to appeal to the working drummer. Mark challenged Gretsch to create a snare that could cut through dense live performance mixes and still retaining their versatility. In return, Gretsch presented Schulman with a 9-ply, 8.6mm all-maple shell with 45-degree bearing edges, die cast hoops, 42-strand snare wires, Silver Sealer interior and Evans drum heads. A Double stripe Bubinga inlay adds a distinctive look and is accompanied by a badge featuring Mark's signature.

The new Legend Brass Snare drums pay tribute to the snares of yesteryear by combining time-tested features with contemporary drum making machinery. The 1mm center bead brass shell incorporates 45-degree single-flanged edges with 2.3mm triple flanged hoops to produce balanced and saturating tones. To enhance the dynamics of the brass shell, all lugs are attached without lug "spacers" or "gaskets." Available in 6.5x14, 5.5x14, 6x13 and 6x12 sizes. All snares feature 20-strand brass coated snare wires, adjustable throw off/butt plate and Evans coated batter head with Evans hazy snare side head.

Gretsch's new Full Range Ash Side Snare drums combine cutting tones with convenient mounting placement. Ash wood is inherently dense and produces a high pitch and bright timbre, making the perfect auxiliary snare. Available in 6x10 and 6x12 sizes, both drums have 10-ply, 8mm select Ash shells with 30-degree bearing edges, 2.3mm triple flanged hoops, adjustable Gretsch throw off and 20 strand steel snare wires. Shells are finished in deep transparent satin black with black hardware. 12.7mm Gretsch bracket with GTS suspension system provides convenient mount placement off the hi-hat stand using a 12.7mm L-Arm.

The Contoured Wood Hoop snare drum collection expands with the introduction of a 5.5 x 14 snare and two additional finish options. New finishes include Satin Walnut contoured hoops fitted on gloss natural shell (SWN) and Satin Ebony hoops with transparent gloss ebony shell (BLK). Each finish is available in contoured wood hoop models and contoured wood/metal hoop models. All drums feature 10-ply, 8mm all-maple shells with 30-degree edges and silver sealer interiors, 10-lugs, adjustable throw-off/butt plate, 20-strand brass coated snare wires and Evans coated G1 and Hazy snare side heads.

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