Remo releases Powerstroke Pro

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-01-29)

Remo releases Powerstroke Pro

Powerstroke is probably the most known and commonly used bass drum drumhead made by Remo. This year Remo is expanding this famous drumhead series by implementing new features to the Powerstroke. Introducing Powerstroke Pro!

So what’s so special about this Powerstroke drumhead that makes it deserve a “Pro” status? A foam ring would be the quickest answer. But this foam implementation is no regular foam ring commonly found on Remo’s competitors’ bass drumheads. Pressure is the secret applied on its design that makes this head a one of its kind. Constructed with 10-mil film, the Powerstroke Pro features the brand new Pressure Dampening Profile and permanently mounted acoustic foam that provides maximum volume and projection while producing controlled highs, accentuated mid and maximum low range frequencies. The Ultrasonically Welded Profile alleviates separation and unwanted noise, making it a great choice for many live and studio applications. Powerstroke Pro is Remo’s new standard in subsonic bass drumheads. It will definitely wage war on Evans’s GMAD and EMAD series as well as on Aquarian’s Impact and Super Kick series once it becomes available to the masses. Luckily, the winners on this battle are us drummers, who now have another option for further subsonic frequencies exploration of our kits.

A quick introductory video of the PowerStroke Pro can be viewed on the following link, as well as a support type of forum where anyone can submit questions, share ideas or even report a problem about this Remo new release. Power to the player! (I think I heard this sentence somewhere else…)

The new Remo Powerstroke Pro bass drumhead will be available in the three traditional drumhead types, Clear, Coated and Ebony. Sizes offered will be 18’, 20”, 22” and 24”. The Powerstroke Pro hits the market in March 2011 with a price yet to be determined.

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