Levin, Belew, Mastellotto to host music camp in August

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-02-06)

Levin, Belew, Mastellotto to host music camp in August

If you're a fan of King Krimson, Frank Zappa, Peter Gabriel and Mr. Mister, a unique opportunity is being presented this August. Bassist Tony Levin (Gabriel, Krimson & a raft of others), guitarist Adrian Belew (Krimson, Zappa and solo projects) and drummer Pat Mastelotto (Mr. Mister, XTC, Krimson and various projects with Levin) will host the Three of A Perfect Pair Music Camp from August 22 to 26, 2011, at the Full Moon Resort in New York's Catskill Mountains.

You needn't play guitar, bass or drums or any instrument to attend, but those are the main instruments of the three hosts. Three of a Perfect Pair is the title of a king Krimson recording when the group consisted of Levin. Belew, drummer Bill Bruford and guitarist (and Krimson founder) Robert Fripp.

Here's a sample proposed schedule from the camp website: (Note: will be expanded as campers indicate their interests)

9:00 10:00 breakfast
10:00 12:30 Main Room Adrian, Tony and Pat Group masterclasses, the trio performing, teaching Crimson material, etc.
1:00 2:00 lunch
2:00 4:30 small rooms: Breakout classes from each of the players separately, seminars on particular subjects (i.e. making records, running your own business, gear talk, double drumming, electronic drumming, Stick playing, etc.)
Special guest John Collinge, publisher of Progression Magazine, will speak one day on marketing your music and designing ads for magazines.
Poss. talks, also, from the crew guys on hand.)
4:30 5:30 Main Room: A daily recap, questions and answers session
5:30 7:00 Private practice time: (some bass & guitar amps and some drums will be provided by the band)
7:00 8:00 Dinner
8pm until whenever: Jams, chats, drinks, stories and bonfires

I met Levin and Mastelloto during their Stick Mn tour in 2010, and I've seldom talked to more humble, gracious high-profile players. I expect his to be a great camp and I'm gonna try to scrounge together the bucks to go.

Registration Policies:
$500 deposit due at time of reservation
Up to four payment installments accepted
Final payments due June 22, 2011
All payments and deposits are non-refundable
All major credit cards accepted

For more information or to register, visit ThreeofPerfectPair.com.

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