Toontrack releases Rock Songs MIDI Pack and Bulb Producer Presets

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-02-07)

Toontrack releases Rock Songs MIDI Pack and Bulb Producer Presets

Scandinavian software company Toontrack started the year with two new releases that aim to facilitate composition of drum tracks from the studio production perspective. Unleashed in mid January, S2.0 Presets – Bulb brings Misha “Bulb” Mansoor’s years of experience in crafting complex drumtracks for progressive metal projects into 5 unique presets. Now Toontrack gives Rock musicians and producers a hand with the release of the Rock Songs MIDI Collection.

Superior Drummer is the company’s masterpiece in virtual drum solutions. The software not only facilitates the creation of beats using its professionally recorded drum sample library, but also offers a powerful tool for mixing the samples and pre-programmed MIDI grooves. Misha’s Producer Preset is the sixth addition to this collection, and helps Superior Drummer users easily obtain a great sounding kit from it. Misha is the prolific musician and producer behind metal projects like Periphery, Haunted Shores, and Of Man Not Of Machine. He is widely own for his work on progressive metal syncopated rhythms, inspiring guitar tones and epic drum sounds. Bulb’s S2.0 Producer Presets helps drum tracks cut through and stand out in a sea of distorted guitars, swift time changes and guttural vocal commonly found on this aggressive music genre. S2.0 Presets – Bulb is now available for $15 at

Rock Songs MIDI Pack comes out as a extensive collection of approximately 450 individually played files, categorized in different song genres (Ballad, Halftime, MidTempo, UpTempo and Shuffle variations), and subcategorized in full intro, verse, pre-chorus, chorus, bridge, fill sections and variations. A massive catalogue of grooves to serve any rock song’s needs. Played by Swedish powerhouse drummer Owe Lingvall, this MIDI pack also includes each entire performance from start to finish as a Jamtrack, which means you can fire it up and jam along to the original take right away. Toontrack’s Rock Songs MIDI Pack is now available for $29.

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