65Amps releases "dream" amplifier: Empire 22

(John Gorbe | Posted 2011-02-07)

65Amps releases "dream" amplifier: Empire 22

Dan Boul and guitarist Peter Stroud created 65Amps in 2004. Since they were little kids theyíve been chasing a certain sound in an amplifier that didnít exist. Didn't exist, that is, until they found the formula they needed in their new Empire 22 head.

The Empire 22 represents years of attention and ultra-detailed research into the subtleties of several eras of EL34 based British amps ranging from the mid-sixties up through the 90s. Taking the best from each era, 65Amps has put together the Empire, which can deliver three distinct, useful and rich British tones.

The first of these tones is a cleaner 60ís sound; the second tone dirtier with a classic early-70ís vibe and the third voice is a high gain, hot-rodded 80ís tone. To further tailor your sound there are bass, mid and treble controls, a proprietary ďBumpĒ switch, and three independent volume controls.

The Empire 22 consists of 2 6V6ís and a 12AX7 preamp. Peter and Dan have worked hard to make these 6V6ís sound exactly like vintage EL34ís. They have been working on this sound for over 20 years and are now confident to share it with the world in 2011!

This amp is also equipped with 65Amps proprietary Master Voltage, which means the Empire 22 can deliver amazing tones at a variety of volumes. This means that guitarists can have those classic British sounds at their fingertips at volumes that meet modern requirements.

65Amps range of guitar and bass amplifiers deliver surprising power at low volume, amazingly versatile tones and meticulous, road-worthy craftsmanship. Youíll find 65Amps on stage and in the studio with a wide variety of players including: Richie Sambora, Bruce Springsteen, Keith Urban, Sheryl Crow, Peter Frampton, and many more.

65Amps Empire 22 MSRP: $2,900

Find out more at www.65amps.com.

About 65Amps
65amps came about by chance. 65amps was the product of Sheryl Crow's guitarist, Peter Stroud, needing to find a low powered solution for Sheryl's low stage volumes. With in-ear monitors getting better and better, many artists are striving for lower and lower stage volumes to allow for vocals to be and clean as possible on stage. This push creates the need for a low-powered solution that still sounds as rich and complex and larger tube amps. Peter and long-time friend Dan Boul came up with an amp that would be robust enough for his gig with Sheryl Crow and from there, the requests for more amps started coming in from all over. Within a few months of creating the first amp, more than 25 artists had requested one for themselves. 65amps was born out of necessity.

From a press release.

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