Korg brings noise to new fingers with the PS60 Performance Keyboard

(ShackMan | Posted 2011-02-08)

Korg brings noise to new fingers with the PS60 Performance Keyboard

At $600, Korg's PS60 is the latest from the world-renowned manufacturer in the performance synthesizer department. Its features will appeal to those interested in a portable grand piano just as much as to those who want a portable synth. It's designed for the gigging or “soon-to-be-gigging” musician. It's compact and lightweight and fits into most small cars. That's a start, anyway.

The PS60 comes with 440 sounds built in and space for up to 512 sounds added by the user. The sounds are all based on Korg's EDS-i (Enhanced Definition Synthesis – intergrated) sound engine. The sounds are organized into six categories: Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Strings, Brass and Synth. Each category offers dedicated controls, making it easy to find just the right sound. The intuitive interface allows the performer to instantly layer up to six sounds or make split settings at the touch of a button, creating sophisticated keyboard textures with ease. Up to 20 split/layered Performance settings can be created and saved for instant recall.

The PS60 gives you the choice of 63 effects to be fed into any of 5 insert slots for each individual sound. Two master effects slots and a full-time master EQ round out the layout. Effects include anything from dynamic effects to choruses, phasers, flangers, compressors and the like, all powered by Korg's proprietary REMS technology. The Master effect and EQ sections are controlled by dedicated knobs and feature four types of Modulation and Reverb, along with Treble, Mid and Bass knobs (respectively).

The PS60 uses Korg's Natural Touch feel along with 61 semi-weighted, full-size keys to create an experience that is intended to satisfy both the pianist and the synth-lover. Additional performance controls include a four-way joystick, octave up/down and transpose buttons and a pair of footswitch/footpedal inputs for hands-free operation.

The Korg PS60 is available in stores now for around $600 street. For more information, check out Korg's website.

James Rushin is a bassist, keyboardist, writer, and composer living and working in the Greater Pittsburgh area. He has performed with Selmer artist Tim Price, Curtis Johnson, guitarists Ken Karsh and Joe Negri. His compositions have been featured at West Virginia University and Valley Forge Christian College. He will be spending the Fall and Winter months working on playwright Frank Gagliano's Voodoo Trilogy and Bodoni County Songbook.

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