Afred's Acoustic Blues Guitar Method Complete: a fulfilling experience

(John Gorbe | Posted 2011-02-11)

Afred's Acoustic Blues Guitar Method Complete: a fulfilling experience

If you’ve ever attempted to teach yourself guitar you’ll know that finding the perfect instructional book can be a daunting task. Some books cover only the basics but the price tag that would suggest it holds more information. Other books move too fast and leave the student frustrated, yet other books will move too slow and produce the same effect!

Alfred Music Publishing has released a new method book titled, Acoustic Blues Guitar Method Complete by Lou Manzi and it promises to deliver everything you need if you’re looking to get into Acoustic Blues.

Manzi has been performing his original and dynamic style of acoustic blues since the 1970s. He is a noted author with seven guitar books and two DVDs to his credit, including "Beginning Acoustic Blues Guitar" and "Beginning Fingerstyle Guitar." He was one of the first instructors filmed for the innovative “Workshoplive” online instruction site. Lou has also performed with Ronnie Earl, is recognized as a leading teacher of acoustic guitar, and offers numerous seminars throughout the United States on blues music and guitar education.

Lou’s latest offering should turn some heads with the amount of material covered in this book. It covers basic concepts of playing guitar to the advanced techniques and styles of acoustic blues. It includes: theory, left-hand technique, call-and-response phrasing, intros, turnarounds and improvisation.

For the intermediate player, the book takes a look at 12-bar, 16-bar, and 9-bar blues progressions as well as scale and arpeggio-based soloing. Jazz blues and open tunings are also explored.

Advanced techniques include and in-depth look at fingerstyle blues, slide technique, theory application for pentatonic and blues scales, modal theory, walking bass lines, popping and advanced muting techniques.

The included DVD and MP3 CD provide clear demonstrations of playing techniques and musical examples used in the book.

Acoustic Blues Guitar Method Complete is now available in book, CD, and DVD sets from $19.95 to $29.99 at music retail stores or at

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