Veillette Guitars debuts chambred-body Concorde bass

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-02-19)

Veillette Guitars debuts chambred-body Concorde bass

Veillette Guitars, already known for some outstanding top-of-the-line basses, has released the latest in its line. The Concorde has a 14"-wide body is heavily chambered body with dual soundholes and a radiused spruce top. The curved face allows for a deeper body in the center and a more comfortable, thinner edge.

A single passive Citron pickup and a ToneStyler passive tone control are all the Concorde needs. A full, clear, and articulate tone, with lots of low-end "bloom" and depth, and a acoustic contour that is incredibly responsive to plucking position and right-hand technique — this chameleon of a bass has more tones than any other single-pickup bass you've ever heard. No batteries, no fuss, and nothing extra — all the tone comes from the wood, the pickup, and the player.

The one-piece height-adjustable bridge is handmade from wood to match the fingerboard, and features an ebony bridge saddle.

Available in 4-, 5-, or 6-string, fretted or fretless, and with a wide range of pickup, control, color, and other options, the Concorde can be tailored to suit almost any need.

Perfectly balanced seated or standing, the Concorde embodies the best of vintage and classic semi-hollowbody basses, combined with modern construction, total fret access, and the best passive components. The result is tone, feel, and style that work with just about every musical style — gracefully and beautifully.

MSRP for the Concorde is $3,750 USD. For more information, visit

About Veillette Guitars
Veillette Guitars are built by Joe Veillette, Martin Keith, and AndE Chase in Woodstock, NY. Experiences gained as players & performers have defined our idea of what instruments are really for. Though we appreciate fine marquetry, artistic woodworking techniques & exotic woods, these things don’t necessarily have any bearing on the artistic or spiritual processes that result in the creation of music. At Veillette Guitars, we make tools for musicians.

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