TASCAM offers solar-powered tuner

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-02-21)

TASCAM offers solar-powered tuner

OK -- let's get the obvious out of the way first: TASCAM's new TC-1S Solar Powered Tuner works indoors, at night and even in a place where the sun don't shine.

The world's first solar-rechargeable tuner, the compact, keychain-size TC-1S charges its battery from a bank of solar cells on the front panel, and a USB input is also available for quick-charging from a computer even when you're completely in the dark. This is great news for those of us whose microtuner's batteries decided to die at a gig.

The TC-1S has a built-in microphone as well as a 1/4" input for guitar and bass tuning. Its lightning-fast pitch detection is displayed on a wide bargraph display for instant feedback. Four display modes are available, including fine pitch display for 1-cent accuracy and strobe tuning animation. The tuner can be calibrated to an external source such as a piano or other hard-to-tune instrument.

The TC-1S is available in Black, Pink, White, Orange, Green and Blue. MSRP is less than $40 USD. Included is a nylon strap and clip. Snap it to your guitar or bass gig bag and it will stay charged all the time -- unless your guitar lives in a closet.

* Chromatic tuner
* Solar-powered battery charging
* USB input for battery charging
* 1/4" instrument/microphone input
* Built-in microphone
* Custom LCD display with note, sharp/flat indicators, bargraph for pitch deviation
* Shock-resistant silicon case included
* Available in six colors: black, pink, orange, green, blue, white
* Includes strap and clip for attaching to instrument case
* Four display modes: Bar, Fine, Strobe Animation, Needle
* 12-note equal temperament scale
* Pitch displayed in 1 cent steps (in fine mode)
* 3.77" W x 0.71" H x 1.57" D (96mm W x 18mm H x 40mm D)
* 1.8oz (51g) weight

A video preview is below.

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