Protection Racket re-launches Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bags

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-02-23)

Protection Racket re-launches Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bags

British-based drum, percussion and guitar cases maker Protection Racket is re-launching their Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag with a few very useful improvements. The company is known for making a large variety of products that aim to fulfill almost all drummerís needs. From stick bags, to hardware cases, to rugs, to drum mat markers, percussion instruments cases, throne protectors, back packs, to briefcases and even wallets, Protection Racketís got us covered.

The Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag, designed to give drummers free-hands when carrying cymbals around, features over stitched ergonomic straps with 30mm binding tape to enforce durability. They are filled with 5mm PE foam which makes them bendable and, most importantly, comfortable. This Protection Racket best-selling product is now coming with new removable Propile dividers in both the outer and inner compartments. The four internal dividers allow now for careful carrying of up to six cymbals, protecting them from abrasions and extreme climatic conditions. And its not only protection improvements that were implemented on the new Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal bags, they are now also featuring the new, road proof, Protection Racket logo embossed AAA zip pulleys that are now in satin finished nickel-plated steel, which makes them completely rust proof and nearly indestructible. The new Deluxe Cymbal bag also now comes with reinforcements in the bagís base provided by a 12í polyprop protector sewn between the outer Racketex and inner Propadd.

The new Protection Racketís Deluxe Rucksack Cymbal Bag is now available in a 24Ē version in a choice of four colors, black, brown, green, and grey. The Deluxe Cymbal Bags are currently sold for a price ranging from $80 to $90.

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