Toontrack and Miles McPherson releases EZmix ands S2.0 Presets

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-03-06)

Toontrack and Miles McPherson releases EZmix ands S2.0 Presets

Toontrack and Nashville drummer Miles McPherson are releasing two new preset packs for EZmix and Superior Drummer users. McPherson has gained notoriety for being the man behind the kit for American-Idol’s now mainstream pop singer Kelly Clarkson. Besides drumming and touring with Clarkson, Miles also works at his own studio in Nashville, producing, engineering, and performing for upcoming artists. He also has a history of working with other well-known artists such as Bo Bice, Dolly Parton, Bruce Kulick and many others.

Being a jack-of-all-trades in the music industry, Miles created these two new preset packs, first and foremost, to help him more quickly achieve great drum track sounds in his own studio and also to facilitate the songwriting and music production processes. Now these presets are available to us all, so anyone can usufruct of his expertise with these softwares. Rock Ezmix Pack is specifically designed to get rock guitar, bass, drums and vocals to sit right into the mixes. This multi faceted arsenal of presets will allow one to get pro sounding mixes wherever you may be; on a laptop at home or in a multi million dollar studio. Rock Ezmix is now available and retails for $29.

With the latest installment in the S2 Producer Presets family and the first for the Custom & Vintage SDX, Miles’ Custom & Vintage Presets has turned this gem of a library upside down and inside out and ended up with a collection of presets that are both diverse and unique.

"I want to be able to capture the sounds I can to get in my studio and recall these on my laptop wherever in the world I may be, so I created these presets with that in mind and tried to make them as individually different as I could", Miles says. These presets will work for anything from rock, grunge and mellow pop to punk and hard rock. Custom & Vintage Presets is now available for purchasing at Toontrack’s website for $15.

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