Alfred distributes Your First Drum Lesson DVD

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-02-27)

Alfred distributes Your First Drum Lesson DVD

What if you could take your first drum lesson with five world-renown drummers right in the comfort of your home? As cheesy as this sentence might sound, the answer is “now you can” with the Your First Drum Lesson DVD created by Drum Channel and now distributed by Alfred Music Publishing.

Your First Drum Lesson DVD features six drumming foundation lessons from drummers Stephen Perkins, Gregg Bissonette, Ralph Humphrey, Joe Porcaro and Chad Smith. The DVD also includes cameo appearances by legendary drummers Joe Morello, Murray Spivack, Louis Bellson and Henry Adler. This two-hour course DVD aims to not only bring a solid method for learning drums to beginners but also serves as to emphasize drumming knowledge and technique for veterans. The movie taps on drum set anatomy, tuning, technique and more. The lessons are divided as follows:

Lesson 1- Set up your Drums (Stephen Perksins)

Lesson 2 - Tune your drums (Gregg Bissonette)

Lesson 3 - Hold your sticks (Ralph Humphrey)
Lesson 4 
- Turn your wrist (Joe Porcaro)

Lesson 5 - Bounce the stick (Ralph Humphrey and Joe Porcaro)

Lesson 6 - Play your first rock beat (Chad Smith)

The DVD also features a special bonus segment of Terry Bozzio’s Master Class movie where you can check out its first lesson content. If you’ve ever had the chance to check out some of the drum videos produced by Drum Channel you know how chill, clear, fun and friendly the atmosphere is in which they are presented. It’s not always the case that you can find an instructional DVD hosted by many different world-class drummers all under the same package, Your First Drum Lesson not only wraps that up in a big shiny package, but that package also brings valuable information to all those envisioning (or already realizing) a drumming career.

Your First Drum Lesson DVD is now available at music retail stores and at for $24.95.

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