New apps and features for Line 6ís MIDI Mobilizer now available

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-03-21)

New apps and features for Line 6ís MIDI Mobilizer now available

Line 6ís MIDI Mobilizer lets iPhone, iPad and iPod users quickly connect their MIDI devices to the growing number of music software apps developed for these Apple products. The MIDI Mobilizer is designed to work without the need for batteries, comes with the MIDI Memo Recorder app, so right of the bat folks can record and play their own MIDI sound data. It also allows you to backup MIDI parameters from Line 6 gear and also can import your MIDI sound data into any classic or modern MIDI equipment, including replacement keyboards. Line 6 now has added new features and an updated SDK (software development kit) enabling key new features for the growing MIDI Mobilizer third party app developer community.

Today, over 90 software developers worldwide create apps that can be used with Line 6ís MIDI Mobilizer. The secret of the Mobilizer is that it supports MIDI System Real Time messages, like MIDI clock, allowing an app to sync to an external hardware drum machine or a sequencer running on a computer -- or vice versa, the drum box or sequencer can sync to the app. The apps currently available offer great versatility of the MIDI Mobilizer use. It not only works as a MIDI control for synths, sequencers, and other music production apps, but can also be implemented as DMX lighting control and many more. It definitely transforms your phone, iPod or iPad into the most portable interface out there.

A few of the new additions to the third-party ever-growing app catalogue include the NLogSynth Pro that offers 126 synth sounds, the StepPolyArp which is a step MIDI arpeggiator and the NanoStudio that features many recording capabilities, making it a virtual studio per se. As Mac-fanatic as you might be, you probably know that all these apps and many more can be found and purchased at the Apple store.

The MIDI Mobilizer retails for a price of $99.99

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