Introducing TightScrew, the tension rod that eliminates drum de-tuning

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-03-23)

Introducing TightScrew, the tension rod that eliminates drum de-tuning

Quite frankly, if you have ever played a drum kit for more than an hour, you’ve probably experience your kit de-tuning. De-tuning can become quite a hassle especially if you are actually on stage when you really just want to focus on your performance and not on “my snare sounds flat, I gotta tighten that rod when I finish this song”. Although you already can find many gadgets that can help fix the de-tuning problem (LugLocks for example), Mr. Carl Scott went a step further and developed the TightScrew, the first tension rod that holds the tension.

TightScrews are premium-quality tension rods that have a built-in nylon insert (yes, here is the secret behind the rod staying in place). While working exactly like a traditional tension rod, the nylon insert of TightScrew ensures that your tuning doesn’t go away mid-song. If you are worried about the insert damaging your drum, Carl assures that the very soft nylon material that it is made of will not harm your drums in any way. TightScrew models are available in 15/8˝ (42mm), 2˝ (52mm), 21/2˝ (65mm) and 45/16˝ (110mm) sizes and feature 12/24 threads that are compatible with most major manufacturers’ drums, counterhoops and lugs. True-Pitch® (DW) 10/32 thread rods as well as black and custom-colored finishes are available by special order. TightScrew come in a selection of models for snare drums, rack toms, floor toms and bass drums and is packaged in convenient 4-paccks with with a handy drum-tuning guide and sold at leading online and local drum shops.

Although the TightScrew is a product relatively new on the market, many professional drummers are using and approving TightScrew. The list includes Jeff Gretz from Autumn to Ashes, Mario Calire-Ozomatli of Wallflowers, Stanton Moore, Will Denton, Gregory Caputo, Pat McDonald and others.

TightScrew 4-pack retails for $8.80.

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