Toontrack releases C&V Presets – Peter Henderson

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-03-26)

Toontrack releases C&V Presets – Peter Henderson

What if you had the chance to use some of the most talented minds in the music making right inside of your Toontrack’s Superior Drummer? Well, this Scandinavian company is offering Presets for their Custom & Vintage SDX made by one of the greatest, the award-winning Producer and Engineer Peter Henderson. If you haven’t heard of Henderson before, he was the man behind a few very successful projects such as Supertramp’s 20 million copy selling album “Breakfast in America”, while also working with legendary names like Paul McCartney and Rush.

With over 40 years of experience Peter started his career at Air Studios where he trained exclusively with The Beatles recording engineer Geoff Emerick (“Sgt. Pepper”, “Abbey Road” etc). He also worked on numerous sessions as an in-house engineer with the legendary George Martin. Peter’s collection of presets is designed to deliver well sitting mixes that will work greatly in many music genres, ranging from ambient pop to rowdy rock and likely anything in between. Peter brings with these Presets for C7V SDK much of the knowledge and many of the secrets he’s learned in the past 4 decades. Henderson is a big fan of Superior Drummer. He not only helped created a few of the SDXs for S2.0 but currently uses Superior Drummer himself, as a permanent part of his studio. Peter used many of his secret weapons when creating these products with Toontrack. Like using the vintage and legendary Helios Desk, which delivers a unique sound for cymbals and drums. The Helios Desk was also put to use in the creation of the recently released Classic EZX.

Custom & Vintage Presets – Peter Henderson is now available for download at and cost only $15.

Watch a very insightful interview with Peter Henderson himself about his career and how the C7V presets were created in the following link.

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