More top drummers are using KickPort

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-03-27)

More top drummers are using KickPort

KickPort is a peculiar invention that allows drummer to boost and enhance a bass drum sound and presence. Conceptualized by Sammi Millender and commercialized by Jesse Bradman, the KickPort is being used by many of the best drummers in the world. So what is it that makes the KickPort a growing success? The KickPort enhances a kick drum by doing four things:

- It ports the kick drum in the same manner as a bass reflex speaker cabinet which boosts low frequencies.

- It adds ideal dampening directly to the resonant head which allows you to remove most if not all of the internal materials thus reclaiming all of the natural resonance and tone of your drum.

- It focuses the air as it exits the kick drum and this compression increases punch. 

-It’s tunable. Due to its broadband design, The KickPort® improves the sound of bass drums sized 16” to 28.” It can be tuned up or down by adjusting the tuning of the resonant head.

Among the drummers that endorse KickPort are Kenny Aranoff, Jotan Afanador, Billy Ashbaugh, Daniel Bejaro, Curt Bisquera, Greg Bissonette, Jonathan Moffett, Doane Perry, Felipe Torres and many others. KickPort just added a list of top drummers that are now using KickPort as a permanent piece of their kit. The names are:

Tino Arteaga (Of Mice & Men),
Tom Brechtlein (Kenny Loggins),
Ismael Cancel (Calle 13),
Rex Hardy (American Idol),
Trevor Lawrence, Jr. (Eminem, Herbie Hancock, Alicia Keyes),
Billy Mason (Tim McGraw),
Johnny Rabb (independent),
Chad Szeliga (Breaking Benjamin)

For those interested to purchase this one of a kind product, a quick and inforamtive audio analysis of the KickPort can be checked out in the following link:

The KickPort retails for a price around $40.

For more information about Kickport and CajonPort please visit

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