Granelli Labs SM57 mod takes a (90-degree) turn for the better

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-03-28)

Granelli Labs SM57 mod takes a (90-degree) turn for the better

Breathes there a soundman who has not wished -- openly or in secret -- for a Shure SM57 bent at a 90-degree angle to facilitate snare-drum sound reinforcement? No, there doesn't.

Granelli Audio Labs given this situation a turn for the better by introducing a custom kit to make your Shure SM 57 turn a corner, literally. Granelli's G5790 uses brand new SM57s and inserts a custom-made aluminum part with an acoustically-engineered internal sound path. The result is a microphone that maintains the SM57's renowned durability and familiar tone while increasing functionality.

The G5790 gives engineers more options when miking crowded drum kits, allowing them to choose a position that minimizes unwanted bleed and does not obstruct the drummer. It also creates a neater appearance and takes up much less space on stage when miking speaker cabinets, percussion, and a number of other sources.

Inside the handle of the SM57 is a small acoustic chamber that affects the tone of the microphone. Our patent-pending design manages to change the shape of this chamber without increasing the air volume. That is critical to keeping the sound that engineers know and trust. Granelli did not adjust the frequency response, alter the pickup pattern, or change any other components inside the microphone. It's still the mic engineers love, with the mod it's always needed.

The part that we have added is machined out of a solid block of aluminum and then threaded into the original microphone's body. Our modifications are done by hand without the use of power tools, welding, or any other process that may harm the original microphone. Each unit is individually tested after modification, and guaranteed by our two-year warranty.

The G5790 sells for $149.99 USD each or three for $419.99. They are warranteed for two years by Granelli (since the original Shure warranty is nullified) Much more at:

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