Pigtronix introduces the Tremvelope effect pedal

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-03-31)

Pigtronix introduces the Tremvelope effect pedal

If you have the taste for going beyond the everyday for how an electric guitar can sound, or if you just have a passion for unique guitar pedals, Pigtronix is a brand that you don’t want to be missing. Blending technologies and effects to create a complete new world of sound, this small company from NY offers a few of the most unique effect pedals out there, such as Disnortion that blends overdrive, fuzz and octave effect, or Echolution which gives modulation control to a delay pedal. Continuing their goal of offering “futuristic analog technology” to guitar players, Pigtronix has come out with a brand new addition to their catalogue, the Tremvelope – Envelope Modulated Tremolo.

Putting a spin on the classic tremolo effect, through envelope sensing the Tremvelope provides rotary effects that evolve and change, based on what is played, covering every sound from asymmetrical vintage tube tremolo to throbbing DUB step wobbles. In the envelope-enhanced mode, speed and depth independently increase or decrease in response to the dynamics in your playing. An intuitive control layout allows for independent adjustment of directionality and reaction time. Dial in all new modulation effects where the speed and depth simultaneously change in opposite directions. Studio quality optical design allows the Tremvelope to respond musically with any instrument or line level signal.

The Tremvelope can achieve uniquely hypnotic sound effects by using your playing to organically change the nature of its modulation. Advanced features such as sawtooth modulation, multiple expression pedal options, a sidechain trigger input and stereo-panning outputs ensure that the modulator is capable of enthralling even the most jaded trem head. The Tremvelope is already in use by cutting edge guitarist “Captain” Kirk Douglas of The Roots, and can also be heard nightly on NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show.

Pigtronix Tremvelope carries a list price of $299 and is available now at Pigtronix dealers everywhere. Check out the Tremvelope and the whole line of 2011 Pigtronix effects at www.Pigtronix.com

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