Alfred Publishing releases The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-03-31)

Alfred Publishing releases The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes

German brush master Florian Alexandru-Zorn is releasing, in conjunction with world’s largest percussion print music catalogue distributor, Alfred Music Publishing, an instructional book accompanied by a DVD covering many of the facets of brush playing. The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes brings many of the techniques Florian exposed only to his fatherland with his previous book release “Die Kunst des Besenspiels” – (The Art of Brush Playing). Florian has done many workshop and clinics promoting and sharing his brush playing techniques.

The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes contains proper drum notation with detailed illustrations for every exercise, eliminating the guesswork of brush movement with a clear and concise method. Beginning to advanced players will equally benefit from this course with topics including rudiments, sweeping motions, exercises in straight and odd times, and grooves for genres such as jazz, Latin, funk, and rock. To help foster proper brush technique, the included DVD features all of the book’s exercises for playing-along. Every lesson is recorded in split screen with two camera angles (front and overhead perspectives), yielding a complete performance display. Florian provides information on notation, accent point, grip, as well as a series of exercises on full-circle, half-circle, combined and linear sweeping motions, covering quarter; eight, sixteenth, triplets notes and polymetrics circle motions. He also explains tap sounds, and all of the traditional rudiments and reading exercises. For those looking to learn and/or improve their brush playing techniques, The Complete Guide To Playing Brushes can be of good use.

You can check out a couple of videos with Florian Alexandru-Zorn showing off his brush chops at his Vic Firth artist profile in the following link.

The Complete Guide to Playing Brushes book and DVD set is now available for $29.99. It can be found at local music retail stores and at

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