Roland releases FriendJam app: for practice and networking

(ShackMan | Posted 2011-03-31)

Roland releases FriendJam app: for practice and networking

Music business is ALL about networking, and in today's world, it's even more about social networking. So Roland is bringing out a new app to help drummers do just that and more. The V-Drums® Friend Jam app is a powerful new social networking tool specifically for drummers available for both windows and Mac OS X. The application is free for V-Drums Users and allows drummers to interact with each other and collectively improve drumming skills with play-along MP3 tracks and a practice evaluation scoring system.

Roland's V-Drums have been among the most widely used electronic drums since their release all the way back in 1997. With precise super-fast triggers, one of the closest feels to real drumheads available, and an ever increasing library of sounds, the V-Drumset continues to be a major player in the field. Simply connect the V-Drums to your computer using a MIDI interface (either via USB, Standard MIDI, or Digital Audio Interface, sold separately), download and install the application, and get going. The application automatically sets you up with a beginning package of songs to get you jamming right away.

As practice continues, songs will range through many genres, including pop, jazz, metal, funk, and more. They also feature Music Minus One style full-band arrangements with the drum tracks removed. In addition to the practice tracks, users can also add MP3 files stored on their computer and jam with their own favorites. The application, however, won't remove the drum track for you.

Users can go on to record and evalute individual performances through criteria including beat, stamina, and technique. Results can be posted to a user's Twitter account, and high scores get a place on the FriendJam app front page! In addition to that, the FriendJam app provides a calendar that records daily playing time and provides an easy way to set, review, and achieve practice and performance goals.

For more information about Roland's V-Drums, please visit the V-Drums Website. The FriendJam application is available for download, here.

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