TC Electronic ups the ante with RH750 bass head

(Dave Molter | Posted 2011-04-05)

TC Electronic ups the ante with RH750 bass head

In mid-2010, MGR had a chance to test drive TC Electronic's new Staccato '51 bass head, a feature-laden minibrute of a head designed with help from Tower of Power bass man Francis Rocco Prestia. A bit later, we got our hands on a new BG5400 115 combo. In both cases, we came away impressed. So it's with great anticipation that we announce the availability of TC's new RH750 bass head.

Based on the RH450 series head (on which the Staccato '51 is also based), the new RH750 adds a bit more oomph -- kicking up the 450 watts of the 450 to 750 watts -- but also adds the new Tweetertone feature that debuted with the BG series heads and combos. The RH750 weighs in at 8.8 pounds and crams a lot of great features into that small package.

RH750 offers a built-in chromatic tuner, three user-definable presets and 4-band EQ with midpoints that can be defined by the user as well. Tweetertone is much more than just a tweeter volume knob. It's hard to describe, but this new feature provides a bit of sweetness and warmth to what sometime can be a harsh high end. RH750 also includes SpectraComp, a unique ‘per string’ bass compressor is among the bset in the business, providing even compression across all strings. The head also includes TubeTone, which is able to provide a warm OD sound without using a preamp tube.

MGRs favorite feature of this amp, though, is the three user-definable presets, which allow a player to define separate sounds for one bass or to use two or three basses, each with its own EQ setting. The presets work at the touch of a button or with an optional footswitch that also controls the onboard tuner for silent tuning onstage. Simply put, we feel that TC electronic is offering the best set of standard bass amp features in the business.

The RH 450 will be shipping in April, 2011, at an estimated MSRP of €999 SSP or $999 USD.

RH750 Main Features:
• Power – 750 watts.
• TweeterTone™ – Front panel tweeter level control for crisp and modern bass tones.
• Presets – 3 user-defined presets.
• On-board chromatic tuner – Always active for instant pitch monitoring at any time.
• SpectraComp™ – Multi-band compression – the musical way to compress!
• TubeTone™ – Emulation of both the tube preamp and tube power amp sections.
• 4-band EQ – Semi-parametric Bass, Lo-Mid, Hi-Mid and Treble.
• Transformer balanced Line Driver – Studio-grade DI for ultra-clean signals to PAs or DAWs

Dave Molter is MGR's Managing editor and Bass Guitars Editor. He has played professionally since 1965.

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