Sennheiser backs up Scorpions on farewell tour

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-04-24)

Sennheiser backs up Scorpions on farewell tour

German metal band Scorpions are more than used of being associated with the adjective big. Big drums sound, big guitar solos, so why not a big(a**) tour as well before they leave to retirement? In 2010, the band released their 17th studio album “Sting in the Tail”. Soon after, they embarked on what it was announced to be their last world tour of their career. Called “Get Your Sting and Blackout World Tour”, it will take until 2013 to the band to complete all of its dates. As patriotic as anyone could be, Sennheiser jumped in to support this group of compatriots with wired and wireless microphones as well as with wireless personal monitors for their entire farewell journey.

Mr. Klaus Meine will be delivering his memorable hooks by using Sennheiser’s SKM 2000 wireless handheld transmitter with an MMD 935 cardioid dynamic capsule. “The 935 capsule has a very clear, very harmonic sound that is perfectly suited to Klaus’ voice,” said monitor engineer Glen Schmeling, who joins production manager Marcus Pohl and FOH engineer Achim Schulze on the grueling tour. “Not only is the 935 capsule transparent, it is also capable of withstanding the high SPLs for which Klaus is known, without distorting or changing character.” The tour uses three wired Sennheiser e 935 microphones for backing vocals, as well as an e 945 super-cardioid variant for Matthias Jabs’ talk box. Rhythm/lead guitarist, Rudolph Schenker, who teamed up with Klaus Meine to form the Scorpions, finds either the e 935 or e 945 rock solid.

Vocals are not the only element of Scorpion’s music backed up by Sennheiser technology on this world tour. Every single microphone on stage is Sennheiser. An e902 captures the bass drum, and an e905 conveys the whack of the snare drum. Six e914 small-diaphragm condensers provide overhead and cymbal pickup. The clip-on e904 captures the thump of the toms. Across an array of amps, six Sennheiser e906 dynamic mics provide honest pick-up with just the right balance of tone and bite.

The band also relies on Sennheiser’s recently introduced ew 300 IEM G3 wireless personal monitors. “The stereo separation with the new G3 units is perfect,” enthused Schmeling. “It happens that I construct very exacting stereo images for each member of the band, with everything placed in the stereo field as they find it on stage”.

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