Toontrack releases Electronic EZmix Pack

(mtebaldi | Posted 2011-04-29)

Toontrack releases Electronic EZmix Pack

In collaboration with allenmoragnaudio, Toontrack and renowned DJ, Producer and Remixer Charles Feelgood recently released an EZmix pack that is completely devoted to electronic music production. If you are not familiar with EZmix yet, this is a plug-in that can be loaded in any DAW and features presets that can be used in many producing and/or mixing situations. The Electronic EZmix comes packed with a many preset options for kicks, snares, claps, vocals and much more. Although the Electronic EZmix was designed for electronic music, this pack can also be put to use as a window for further sonic exploration in any musical project you might be working on.

For those still unfamiliar with the man behind this pack, Charles Feelgood has worked with many of the biggest names of mainstream music, such as Puff Diddy, Lady Gaga, Ashlee Simpson and Billie Holiday. He was also responsible for the development of the electronic scene in Baltimore/Washington DC area. In 1992 he joined forces with fellow DJ Scott Henry to launch Fever, a club event that introduced the sounds of electronic music to his hometown. Maintaining a seven-year residency at Fever helped springboard Feelgood's danceable brand of bangin' hard house to widespread exposure across the East Coast. Charles recently signed with the mega EDM label Ultra and his first release of many to come is "Hands" featuring Russell Taylor. Feelgood has received numerous accolades in his fifteen-year career including being named Baltimores Best DJ as well as being included in DJ magazines top 100 DJs several years running.

You can check out a quick interview with Charles Feelgood about the Electronic EZmix on the following link.

The Electronic EZmix can be purchase at for only $29. Toontrack’s EZmix application retails for $69.

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