Ampeg embraces guitarists with new series of amps

(John Gorbe | Posted 2011-04-30)

Ampeg embraces guitarists with new series of amps

Most musicians associate Ampeg with leading-class bass amplification. While this is true, Ampeg is doing a lot more these days to make themselves noticed by guitarists as well.

The new all-tube Ampeg GVT guitar amps deliver the kind of great-sounding, flexible tone that working guitarists demand. With a variety of tones from clean to crunch, it's one less thing you need to worry about.

The GVT Series will feature:

• The new voice of legendary Ampeg all-tube guitar amps
• 6V6 and 6L6 power tubes for true American tone
• Baxandall EQ with wider bandwidth and more tone options than traditional designs
• Celestion Original and Vintage 30 speakers
• Vintage look with black-line faceplate and black sparkle grille cloth
• Rugged, road-worthy build quality

Available later this summer, the Ampeg GVT Series will launch with eight different models: the GVT5H and GVT15H heads, GVT112E and GVT112EW cabinets, plus the GVT5-110, GVT15-112, GVT52-112 and GVT52-212 combos.

Ampeg has a ton of artists on their roster. A few include: Will Lee, Tony Levin, Sheryl Crow, Bootsy Collins, Chris Squire, Sting, Gene Simmons and Rob Wasserman.

In the early 60's, Ampeg was the first company to incorporate reverb in an amplifier. The Reverbrocket preceded Fender's Vibroverb (often thought of as the original) by nearly 2 years. In 1969, Ampeg set out to design the most powerful amplifier ever made. At that time, 50-watt amps were considered more than adequate. 100-watt amps were considered "plenty loud." Ampeg, however, not only harnessed 300 watts of pure tube power but actually created a new valve (tube) technology - Super Valve Technology, or the SVT. Now the most sought after stage amplifier, the SVT has proven its road-worthiness on stages around the world.

Ampeg unveiled the 300-watt SVT bass amp in Chicago at the NAMM show back in 1969 and the Rolling Stones took them on tour! Ever since, the name automatically recalls a feel of class and tone that is uniquely their own.

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